Architect, spatial researcher & partner at RE-ST.

Tim Vekemans

RE-ST has extended the practice of building with non-building. This collective examines how we can deal with today’s overproduction of created space. RE-ST received a BouwmeesterLabel for their research on Wanderspace (zwerfruimte).


"Today’s role as architects" 

“As architects we are trained to provide answers. That is what we’re usually paid for. However, in today’s profit-driven construction-building culture, this business model of social service providers is under pressure. Are architects even allowed to ask critical questions today? Can architects get involved in social debates, and how?"


"Speaking from our design practice experiences, I would like to elaborate on how we try to combine research with design work. Our starting point is often recuperating what already exists, both physically (the built constructions) and mentally (the built ideas). Applying available ideas and insights to contemporary society often creates unexpected and useful insights.”

Tim is an architect (and partner at RE-EST Architects) questioning the current role of an architect.

As a designer collective, RE-ST has extended the practice of building with non-building. For their research on wanderspace (zwerfruimte) RE-ST received a Bouwmeester Label.

Tim, who also works at UHasselt Faculty of Architecture & Art, is an engaged opinion maker in the spatial debate and frequently writes topical articles such as “Where there is a will, there is a way away”