Drummer, composer & improviser at STUFF. & BeraadGeslagen.

Lander Gyselinck

Drummer, composer, improviser ànd active in countless projects such as  LABtrio, STUFF., BeraadGeslagen: Lander Gyselinck is a jack of all trades whose creativity doesn’t seem to have any boundaries.


"Looking for the perfect beat: balancing between genres, projects and time" 

How does he balance all these genres and projects, both on a creative level and timewise? In his backstage talk, Lander will talk about making choices, the role of media, steering your career in certain directions and how to balance this with your own creative flow.



In a relatively short time, Lander Gyselinck transformed from an emerging young talent into an established and well respected name in the Belgian music industry. He is not only creative behind the drums but he is also as a composer for his bands LABtrio and STUFF.

Lander's inventive and exploratory drumming style has provided him with a broad and individual sound palette, and is appreciated in a wide range of musical genres. His creative curiosity is the driving force in many of the projects he’s involved with such as  LABtrio, STUFF., BeraadGeslagen, Flamer, Sinister Sister, Kris Defoort Trio, Michel Portal New Quintet, KnownAlone…

Lander has already won several awards, such as the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award, De Vlaamse Cultuurprijs and ‘MIA Best Musician’ for 3 years in a row.