Managing Duo at Cyborn film & games

Ives Agemans & Iris Delafortry (Cyborn)

They are the driving forces behind Cyborn, Belgium’s largest animation studio and knowing that the last decade Cyborn grew immensely, they have a lot to tell.


"Growing, innovating and adapting in an international creative industry"  

The last decade Cyborn grew immensely, from a team of five to a company of seventy. During this talk Ives and Iris will provide insights into the evolution of Cyborn, the hurdles that they had to face and what they’ve learned from it, how they see the future and the effect of their early adopter’s attitude on the changes that they went through.


Cyborn is a film and game producer, established in 1998 by Ives Agemans and located in Antwerp, Belgium. They have a strong team and are passionate about pushing the limits in their productions, both visually and technically. Their work consists of own productions, co-productions, commercial work, work for hire, both in the film and in the game industry. They recently co-produced their second feature film production and are now focussing on their own game and film IP’s.

In their constant search for a healthy balance between taking risks, innovating and steadily growing, they’ve always followed the CEO’s gut instinct, which was led by his passion for film and games that reach an international audience.