Artist working with technology

Dries Depoorter

Dries Depoorter is an artist working with technology. His work addresses themes such as artificial intelligence, privacy, social media & surveillance.


Dries will talk about how to die together.


Dries’ artwork is situated both online as well as in the physical space and spans a range of different media. Among his creations are apps, games, and interactive installations. His interactive media installations have been presented worldwide.

Internationally Depoorter recently exhibited at the Barbican, Mutek Festival, Bozar, IDFA Doclab, Mundaneum. FOMU, Ars Electronica, Athens Digital Art Festival, Art Soutterain, MU.

Recent talks: TEDx Brussels, SXSW Austin, Mutek Montreal, KIKK-festival, STRP festival, Internet Week Denmark, Digital Media Days Stockholm,  GetXoPhoto, Us by Night.