Press agent & owner DP Communications.

Debby Wilmsen

With more than a decade of business experience, Debby Wilmsen has something to say about communicating towards media.


"Don’t be afraid, be prepared: how to communicate towards the media"

In both good times and bad times, in bringing joyful news but also in crisis situations when clear communication is crucial.

Debby will share her experience on how to communicate towards the media and steer your messages in the right direction.


From the biggest music festivals, over theatrical stage performers and entertainers, to music bands and tv-shows: she has always found creative ways to bring her clients closer to their clients. 

Debby will share her lessons learned on how to communicate with the media and steer your messages in the right direction.

Her ambition was to become a journalist and write about the world and its problems. She left the quiet Kempen region for the city of Antwerp and, aside from a few odd jobs in the hospitality sector, never looked back. After graduating from university and a fascinating internship with a Flemish TV broadcaster, she immediately began working as a press officer in the fashion & lifestyle sector.

She never ended up becoming an investigative journalist, but after a few years, she was offered the job of brand manager for Martini. In the meantime, she kept up a rigorous schedule at night school and earned a diploma in ‘restaurant management’, spending many hours working in an Italian restaurant. In 2009, Diamonds & Pearls was founded and her passion for the hospitality industry and the media could be combined. Otherwise, since 2003, not much has changed. Food & Drink have a prominent and important place in her life.

Over the past 10 years, Diamonds & Pearls has built relationships with a wide range of journalists and creative trendsetters. No matter how big some of our clients have become in the meantime, they are still run by people with a passion – the same kind of passion that we put into Diamonds & Pearls.  Our work is about people and relationships, and how to find warm, personal and creative ways to bring our clients closer to their clients.