Illustrator of comic character Chrostin

Christina De Witte

Christina De Witte is a 23 year old cartoonist and writer. Her alter ego 'Chrostin' tackles the typical issues of any millennial, but also confronts us with more serious topics such as personal growth or racism.


"Apples and oranges: why your work can be multi-faceted"  

Does your work have to be socially relevant? And could it therefore still be monetising? Where do you draw the line between creating for the sake of creating and creating because you need to get food on the table?

Young artists often struggle with finding their voice and space in a hyper fast transforming world where internet is king. An accessible discussion about beauty in the broad sense, and impact on the community and society around you.


Christina De Witte likes to follow her own path and is able to build a prospering career without making compromises. For instance, she doesn't have a website, business leads find her only via her Instagram account. She debuted with 'The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl', which is ironically nót the survival guide to survive puberty. It is sold worldwide and has been translated into nine languages, including Polish, Hebrew and Korean.

Being a ‘content creator’ herself, Christina tries to make sense with her witty comics... but it’s not always that easy.