musician, painter and tv maker

Bent Van Looy

As a man of all trades, Bent Van Looy has achieved many successes up to date and is considered an established Belgian artist, musician and tv maker.

Having explored so many different forms of creative expression, Bent talked about the challenges he faced throughout his path both from a business and creative perspective. He gave an insight in his creative process, his sources of inspiration, the way he chooses and develops his cooperations and what entrepreneurship means to him.


Bent Van Looy is a Belgian musician, painter and tv maker.

Born in Antwerp in 1976, he finished his painting studies in Ghent, just as his band, Das Pop, was gaining traction. The band released four highly acclaimed albums and almost fifteen years of intense touring ensued in Belgium, throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2006, Bent followed his better half to Paris, where he lived and worked for a decade. Three solo albums followed, as well as a radio show about film music, a stint as the host of a culture show on national television and for two seasons, he appeared in one of those turning chairs in hit tv show The Voice.